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Equipping young ladies to walk in their destiny through

mentorship and enrichment programming

Psalms 139:14

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Your works are wonderful 

Our Purpose

To equip and encourage, middle through high school aged young women, to live beyond their circumstances and walk forward toward their destiny through enrichment programming and small group mentorship.


Daughters of Zion 101 is designed to work hand in hand with each young woman, to remind them of their worth, while blossoming into their authentic selves.





Our programs began in 2012 within local after school centers and are designed to be a catalyst for solutions and new perspectives.  


In January of 2014, Daughters of Zion 101 expanded to bi-weekly Girl Talk 101 sessions which is an open dialogue focusing on specific topics of discussion. Through the various aspects of this minisrty, Daughters of Zion 101 embraces young ladies in a positive and safe way.

 We work together to pour into the next generation, many of the key values that have been lost over time. You know, the things you wish someone had taught you!


We address the challenges that young women may encounter. Some of the topics we address are: healthy relationships and boundaries, self-worth, social media, personal safeguards, intimate relationships, self-respect and awareness, personal appearance, self-confidence, abuse, secrets, internal conflict, effective communications and current issues.


Program Description

Girl Talk 101  ~  Each session will have a specific topic for discussion. Ladies will be encouraged to share testimonies, each session will include journal time and the ladies will also have the opportunity to come together to share ways they see themselves as valuable and discuss areas they want to improve.

Horizons Book Club  ~ Reading expands our minds, provides an opportunity to expand our experiences and explore new horizons. Together, young women will read books that will propel them into becoming young women of God.



Rise Up  ~ Rejoicing, Inspiring, Shining, Enlightening, Uplifting and Pushing toward our destiny! RISE UP is a platform to celebrate our milestones and all that God has done throughout the year.



DOZ Cares Community Service  ~ We welcome opportunities to give back in big and small ways. 



We value the importance of facing both the common issues as well as the uncomfortable issues of life, so they will be equipped to walk confidently in their destiny.  

Through worship and dedication, we come together to teach them, before the world attempts to define them.




Current Events

Girl Talk: Teen Night at Petra International Ministries
Happening Now
2nd & 4th Friday Nights 6:30PM to 8:00PM
Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Contact us to register!

Daughters of Zion 101

PO Box 8233

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

Thank you for contacting us!






I absolutely love the vision of helping young women come into the knowledge of who they are as well as be equipped to assist someone else. I thank God for excellent mentoring and so much more!

~ D.R. ~

The best part of the Girl Talk sessions is being able to speak my mind

~ C.B. ~

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for all you've done for my daughter. Daughters of Zion is truly God sent! I look forward to you all working with the girls over the summer as it truly takes a village to raise our girls! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ D.W. ~

Girl Talk
Daughters of Zion
Daughters of Zion



Latifa Miller, founder of Daughters of Zion 101 (DOZ), is committed to empowering young women to succeed in life without scars.


Latifa's purpose and passion was birthed after making a stark observation.  Being involved in various organizations, she watched many girls struggle to overcome life obstacles. And, seemingly, there were women before them who idly and silently witnessed their struggles while hiding behind their own secrets and shame. Their untold testimonies leave young women without a map to navigate through life. We, as women, are the forerunners and must tell our full stories out loud. Our testimonies have the power to heal, guide and teach upcoming generations.  Through mentoring, life skills and group counseling, DOZ seeks to assist in bridging that gap and help young women live beyond their obstacles and love their authentic selves.


Latifa is a Philadelphia native, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, a devoted mother, and loving wife.  Latifa is an author of Unshakeable Peace, and she serves as a Board member at a local private school and is a member of several local organizations.



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